100% Organic

100% Organic

The Jersey Oyster Company uses no chemicals at all during oyster production, ensuring that Jersey Oysters are completely natural...


The quality of our product is directly related to the healthiness of our local marine environment and we benefit directly from the daily 'natural filtering' effect of our unique tide and crystal clear water.


Both the oyster tables and the mussel poles benefit the aquatic environment. There was considerable environmental support for the application to establish a mussel pole area in Grouville Bay. It is proven that there is a large potential increase in habitat for fish and shellfish with the introduction of these man made environments.


Jersey Oyster also utilises waste shell from the oyster fishery. The shells are crushed using specialist equipment and used as a soil conditioner and liming agent, which aids plants to utilize fertilizer far more effectively. Crushed oyster shell is regularly applied to land utilised in the production of the Island's famous Jersey Royal potato crop. Crushed oyster shell can also be used as an additive in chicken feed to provide essential calcium proven to strengthen egg shells.



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